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20 February
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This is cooking_spray's writing/art journal. Enjoy your stay - and don't let the adjectives frighten you. ^_~


Here lies the somewhat un-prolific list of fan fiction I've published in the past on the Pit. Most of it is in the form of one-shots (because I am the queen of procrastination and short attention spans) except for one truly horrible chapter fic. Quality varies - some of it dates as far back as seventh grade.

Card Captor Sakura

To Fill the Emptiness - Tomoyo/Eriol, Syaoran/Sakura
Last Goodbyes - Cereberus/Yue

Danny Phantom

Between Some Pudding and a Hard Place - Danny/Sam

House, M.D.

The Line - House/Cameron


Brother, Dear Brother - Inuyasha/Kagome
Closing My World - One-sided Kouga/Kagome

Okage: Shadow King (Maou to Boku)

You Deserve It - Ari/Marlene


Persuasion - Implied Zelgadis/Amelia
The Sorceress' New Clothes - Gourry/Lina
If You Come Very Quietly - Xellos/Filia
I Just Want You To Know Who I Am - Xellos/Filia
Hatred Is Hard To Hold - Xellos/Filia

Star Wars

More Than Money - Han/Leia
Stargazing - Han/Leia

Tokyo Mew Mew

Petit Fours - Tart/Pudding, Zakuro/Mint, Shirogane/Lettuce, Quiche/Ichigo


The Measure of the Phrase Good - Vash introspective

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